Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I did my first Half Marathon!

The Dallas Whiterock Half Marthon - Sunday - December 9, 2007. Well I set out to finish in 2:12 or 10min pace. This was my first half and I didn't know what to expect other than what some of folks had told me. There were SO many people. I was overwhelmed by the numbers! 5,172 in the half. 2905 were women. 297 in my age group. It was 55ish, cool but felt great! Had been 85 degrees with super high humidity the day before but a cold front came through. Thank goodness!
I started off so slow because of all the people in front of me. My pace was in the 12 minute range and I knew I had to get around to get going on my pace. I weaved in and out and around and finally got to where I wasn't constantly going around people and sped up enough to get my first mile done in 9:12.
Mile 2, 3, and 4 were all completed in 9:13 & 9:14 so I knew I was okay and hoping I wasn't going too fast. I took off my outer shirt around mile 3 1/2 and tied it around my waist. Mile 5 it started to rain lightly and the roads got really slick. Mile 5 - 9:38, mile 6 - 9:49. Cross over central expressway - Half way there. Starting to feel it in the legs a bit. It really passed so fast because there were so many spectators and people cheering. I just went by high fiving people on the curbs! Mile 7 - 9:33, mile 8 - 9:50, mile 9 - 9:53, mile 10 - 9:42 - these miles all went by in a blur!! Mile 11 was my slowest and only one over 10 - 10:08 - I took too long of a break at the water stop, I guess. Miles 11 is where the full marathon folks merged back in with us to the finish. Guys were coming up and passing us like we were standing still. Well that got my competive spirits flowing and inspired me cause I thought if they have run 23 miles and are still going that strong, than I can do better. So I speed up. Mile 12 - 9:25, almost there. Still feel good. Mile 13 takes me a 7:56! wow, did I really do that! Then the last 3/4 miles (yes, it was 13.75 by my gps - some from running in and out of folks at the beginning - but the course was longer than 13.2) I did in 4:35 - Full out sprint at the finish passing a bunch of folks because of all the people cheering us on! I loved it.
Finished and forgot to turn off the timer but officially by the chip it was 2:07:13 / 9.16 pace based on 13.75 miles. I did it with 8 minutes to spare! Elation. What a great feeling. The calves started cramping up and I try to make my way through the crowds. It takes forever to find the guys (several hours actually). We really should have had a better plan for this. Yep, a little sore the next day but it was so worth it. I was 2,299/5,172 overall - 912/1993 women, 77/297 my age group. I can't believe it but I did it. I finished a half marathon in my goal time!! wahoo!
Timothy really got caught in the crowds too. Took him almost 10 minutes for his first mile. Then he took off and passed people all the way through. He finished in 1:36:33 - 223/5172 overall - 192/2267 male, 23 out of 85 in the under 19 age group. He said later after we looked at the results, that maybe he would train for this distance next time so he could do better and maybe even place in his age group. He was shooting for 1:35 which he would have done if he hadn't got stuck in the first mile. This was his second half marathon.
I wish we had of had more time at the Expo on Saturday. It was so great. Tons of great prices on stuff. I spent enough anyway but it was all so cool.


robison52 said...

Congrats on finishing your first half marathoner...Who would of thunk it last year you would be running this far and this fast!!! I'm looking forward to reading more of your future running successes.

TammyB said...

Congratulations Sherri - your awsome, woman!! I loved reading this - they way it is written takes the reader right to the race in real time with you. So kewl =)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I am very proud of your accomplishment!! Love you Sis!!