Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Running... not much of it

I ran 3.6 miles on Thursday 2/7 and it felt great! The weather was nice and I ran with a friend at the park. Then yesterday I ran 3 miles in the woods at my house and now my leg (below the knee) hurts again. I've been to the chiropratoc and it always help for a little while. So annoying. I can't afford to go to him all the time. Insurance doesn't cover it. oh well. what to do?


HOlly T. said...

Oh, man...what does the chiropractor think it is? Did he give you stretches to do?

Anonymous said...

STRETCH, stretch, and more stretches!! Sounds like tendons and ligaments tightening up. That is a big blessing here, our insurance will pay for 6 visits a month to Chiropractic!


fuzzywhitedogs said...

Hmm, wonder if the uneven terrain of the woods caused you to twist your knee a bit?

Try putting ice on it... or is it heat... or heat AND ice???

Hmm, now you know why I'll never go into sports medicine LOL! Anyway, I hope it feels better soon!