Monday, April 7, 2008

St. Gregory 5K

Timothy and I participated in the 5K Saturday April 5. It was a cool morning. Perfect for running. Timothy got 4th overall, 18:13, and first in his age division. Great time for him. Personal best on a hilly course. He was shooting for 18. I got 2nd in my age group with 27.23. Bad time for me but I cramped up in mile one on right side and then again in the last mile on left side. Obviously, didn't hydrate well enough the day before and I slept horrible the night before. Woke up every couple of hours. Lady that won my age group ran 24:42. I can only dream about a time like that! But it was a great morning. Hubby took tons of pictures - literally! Over 700 - I think I trained him too well. The camera has a sports mode with rapid shot and he got happy. Took a while to sort through them all but I got some great shots. Then the boys decided to do the one mile race, just to pace a friend (girl) in the two mile. She got first for the girls and he and his friend ran in together and got 2nd/3rd. They were just goofing around and didn't even try but both got trophies for it. I figured if they were going to run the 1 mile, I would too. I ran it in 8:11 and got 4th female. I which I could have kept that pace in the 5K.


Anonymous said...

I miss read this post at first where you wrote I got seccond in my age group 23.27 I thought you meant you were trying to pull off being in a YoUnG age group! Love the pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Hey was this a CHIP race? Who finished with Timothy??