Saturday, September 5, 2009

Photos of the day 8/29-9/5

8/29 Saturday Gary camped out with Troop 248 at Sparkman's then they all came over to swim in the afternoon.
8/30 Sunday Jeremy is packing the truck to head back to SFA for school tomorrow. But he will come back every weekend and continue to work at TJC.

8/31 Monday Not much happening today so I took a photo of Sparkman's cows and bull.
9/1 Tuesday Hard to believe it is September already. I love these flowers that are outside our office building. I don't know what they are but I love how they are stretching over to reach the sun.
9/2 Wed I finished this book Robin left for me to read. It's a good book but a major tear jerker at the end.
9/3 Thurs. I went to workout as I do many days and took this photo.
9/4 Friday Gayle and I went for a terrific BBQ lunch at Hickory Fare along with great conversation.
9/5 Saturday The WHS guys after the first CC meet of the year at UTT.


Molly said...

That looks like a full and fun week, Sherri! Love the cows, of course! :-) I laughed out loud about your comment on the idiot lawyers! (((HUGS)))

SilentRN said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful ... I know you miss your baby ... I mean grown man ... I am reading "The Shack" by Wm Paul Young ... I HIGHLY recommend this book ... Hickory Fare BBQ I remember ... You look fabulous sissy! You do not look like you are approaching 50!