Sunday, September 27, 2009

Photos of the day 9-23 to 9-27

Wed 9/23 I finished DeAnna gift album I did for her of all the UK Troupe activities and the trip. She was the director. 80 8x8 pages!
Thur 9/24 Then on Thursday, DeAnna and I went to TGIF and I gave her the album. She loved it.
Fri 9/25 Jeremy and I took the dogs to the lake and then meet Gary at the high school to leave Timo the truck so he could drive home from the football game at 3 in the morning. Jeremy is riding his decked out redneck scooter at the age of 21. I guess you never get to old for fun!

Sat 9/26 We got up early and drove to San Marcos for the Dive Around Texas prize giveaway at Aquarena Center. Gary didn't win anything. Bummer. Then we went to Sheri and Stewart's surprise 50th birthday party for Stewart not far from there. He was in hog heaven because his grandbaby Wyatt got to fly in with Marci from California. He's a cutie.
Sun 9/27 We spent the night in Austin and then drove to McKinney Falls state park before leaving town. It's always pretty there. 5 hours later we are finally home... I'm tired.

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SilentRN said...

Did you stop in Austin and see your nephew????????? You know he lives there