Friday, September 11, 2009

Photos of the day 9/6-9/10

9/6 Sunday We went to see Gary's mom and saw a doe and her two fawns out in the pasture. This is a picture of the first one.
9/7 Monday Labor day - no work, no school. Jeremy changing out the brakes on his truck!
9/8 Tuesday I finished the songbook covers for the next Walk to Emmaus. I made 63 of those little buggers!
9/9 Wed I finally finished Erika's gift scrapbook album. 60 pages front/back. That's 120 layouts! She loved it.
9/10 Thursday Timothy's Eagle Board of Review. He passed and is an Eagle Scout! This is a photo of him after we got home.


Molly said...

Love the deer, love Timothy's hat, love that you have a son who can change brakes out (and save money too!) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Emaus covers and the album. If I received a work of art like that from you, I would freak out and scream a lot (in a good way, of course!) Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend Sherri! :-)

SilentRN said...

My dear nephew had sent me a text to tell me about his Eagle Scout!!

Brenda is SO Blessed said...

congrats to your newEagle- what an accomplishment!
I dont think i knew you were involved in Walk to Emmaus. I went to The Great Banquet and helped then worked a Via de Cristo weekend. Some of the best time i have ever spent. i want to go again and help--what a wonderful weekend