Saturday, October 31, 2009

Photos of the day 10-25 to 10-30

Sunday 10/25 I took Timo out in our woods and did a photo shoot for his Senior photos. I really liked this one. He didn't smile but he didn't smile in any of them.
Monday 10/26 I went to Walmart and noticed the mums outside and got this shot. I love mums.
Tuesday 10/27 Fall is really here and this pretty tree behind Apple fitness is proof.
Wed 10/28 As I left for work there was a beautiful sunrise out over the pasture. Today was beautiful and I ran 3 1/2 miles at the park in 40 minutes. Slow but at least I did it.

Thursday 10/29 Yes, it's raining again! Buckets full this time and I got this shot of the water splashing up on the road on my way to workout at Apple.
Friday 10/30 Senior night at the last home football game. They called all the seniors out of the band to recognize them. Timo in the middle.


SilentRN said...

A senior?!? I suppose he is. Love the picture of Timothy, but why are his eyes so sad? Rain ... I vaguely remember rain. Beautiful pictures.

Brenda is SO Blessed said...

i loved being a band mom---so much fun--congrats on your Sr,