Friday, October 16, 2009

Photos of the day 10/10 to 10/13

Saturday 10/11 Gary and Timothy are out working on the car in between rain downpours. They put up a shelf in the carport to work from and get a bit more done on the camaro.
Sunday 10/11 Gary, Jeremy and I took the dogs to the lake. An activity we always love to do. It is so fun to throw the stick, pine cone, whatever out for Smokey to chase. He is at the spillway here and looks like he is running on water. Lil Lady runs along chasing him, trying so hard not to get wet. He loves the water, she hates it. In the end, she gets completely soaked and rolled around in the water by him as they get all frisky in their playing. We laugh out loud at their goofiness! I ran 2 miles while there.
Monday 10/12 Softball is rained out - it's not raining this instance but has been and City of Tyler thinks we might destroy their precious fields so they cancel us all the time if it has been raining! oh well, so I have a delicious apple on my way to help with Chipper auditions at TCTC. So crunchy and yummy!
Tuesday 10/13 I had the most awesome sunset picture taken after the rain stops from the theater and then I lost the photo. Stupid me. So I'm using this photo Gary took on Sunday of a cool looking mushroom as my photo of the day. With all the rain we have been having, there are mushrooms everywhere but this one is just so puffy!

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