Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Photos of the day 12/22-12/26

Tuesday 12/22 This is our Christmas tree that we finished decorating on Monday night.
Wed 12/23 We went to Papasita's for lunch. Steph, Timo, Gary, Jeremy, Mandy, Stephan and myself. Almost all my kids. Got a photo with Mandy and Stephan.

Thursday 12/24 Christmas Eve and it snowed! Big old fluffly snow. You can see it in the photo. It didn't last long and didn't stick but we got some.
Friday 12/25 Christmas Day. Later in the day we had Uncle Mike, Debbie and Clyde, Steph and Ashley over for turkey dinner. Greenberg! yum
Saturday 12/26 Michael's wedding in Whitehouse - renewing their vows. Jeremy was a groomsmen. Here they are all dressed up.

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SilentRN said...

some really beautiful pictures here, because they include some really beautiful people!