Monday, January 11, 2010


Well I did it. I completed Project 365 last year. So no more photos of the day. I don't think I'll take on that task again. It was fun and I have an interesting record of random stuff from last year and significant events as well. 2010 has started off really busy and I haven't even made resolutions but I want to start running again.
They are supposed to have the first ever marathon in Tyler in October. The Tyler Rose Marathon. I'm contemplating participating in it. After I slacked off on running, I put on 10 pounds and really need to get rid of it. I'm exercising almost everyday (bike and weights at the gym) but it just isn't the same as running.
We got a big chunk of work done yesterday. Firewood split, septic tank moved and hole dug for the septic lines and water line. Backhoe we rented going back this morning. Still more to do though.
Wedding plans are pretty much completed. I have three tasks to complete before Friday but waiting on information to do it - the powerpoint (have to get remaining photos and scan), the wedding program (waiting on last minute name changes) and the newleywed game for the rehearsal dinner. Should be fun!
Two showers this week for the kids tonight and Wed, then board meeting at TCTC Tuesday and then it's almost time for my sister to be here. Decorating on Friday and wedding on saturday. Then just get to spend time relaxing and having fun for a while.
It's been too darn cold here!! The guys played on the frozen pond. Have some cool video going up on facebook. Photos to come.

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:::b r a n d i::: said...

sounds like you have been super busy.