Thursday, March 18, 2010

another 8 1/2 mile run

I did my long run on Wed this week and since it was 2 days early I did not increase my mileage. I have friends coming over Thursday - Saturday and I knew if we do go out to run it will be for a 4 or so mile run. So I moved my run up by two days and I went after work. Now that the time changed, it doesn't get dark so early and I can finish. It was cooler and I didn't intentially set out to run long. I figured 4 miles, maybe 6 when I started. But it felt good and I decided I didn't want to miss my long run. I was really tired after but Gary gave me a massage and it was all good. It was a 11:09 ppm so a bit slower but that's okay too. Nice to have a good run after the last one. Thanks for the encouragement guys!

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SilentRN said...

Go GIRL!!! Hey, remember when you went for a run with me (leaving my house) and the entire time you were saying stuff like, "I hate running" "I do not see what you like about it" ... remember this????