Monday, February 25, 2008

Scrapping, Running and Sewing

I'm working on a baby album scrapbook as a gift for Marci and her new baby Wyatt. I've known Marci since she was a baby and now she is having a baby! All these kids having kids. Makes me feel old! I did this as the cover page for a challenge from Amanda. Used a lot of cool ribbons from SNS. I also used her idea for the title - Introducing Baby Wyatt. You can't see it in the picture, but the circle tag says "perfect" and the oblong tag says "your new life". I'm a long way from done on it. It's an ABC album with about 40 pages. She will put her own pictures in it.

I ran 5 miles today after work. Pretty slow - 53 minutes but it felt good and I'm not really to sore. Hope to get fast enough again to run in the Azelea 10K (6 miles) race at the end of March. We'll see. I just finished a big project for the Walk to Emmaus group. Made 60 Songbook covers. It's really simple stuff but with 60 it was pretty time consuming. Glad to have that project done. Gary and I went to see Barry Manilow at AA Center in Dallas last Tuesday. He always puts on a good show!


{b r a n d i} said...

OMG, that's so cool that you were there!! I wish I had known; we could have arranged to at least say hi in person! You were pretty close I see. We had nosebleed setas, but it's hard to complain when they were $9.99. I took over 200 photos; probably about half were worth keeping. The problem I was running in to was the spotlights on Barry...they were making his face so white that sometimes all you could see was a body with a glowing orb on the top. I also used my camera to take some video..I ended up with 4 or 5 really good videos from the show. The sound is even good. I loved it; didn't realize what a great performer he would be live.

Laurie said...

WOW you always keep so busy!! Love the title page!!

Holly T. said...

Pretty song book covers! Glad you are back at's your knee?

Anonymous said...

Okay ... Barry ... when can we see him together??? I think it is a must.