Thursday, February 28, 2008

I was tagged today

I was tagged today by a scrapbooking friend (thanks Holly). If you get tagged, copy and paste this to your own blog, and put in your answers, and then tag 3 other people. Here goes….
10 years ago I was : Not much different. I was in trailer and we were building our house but same job, same hubby, same kids, all just younger.
Things on my to do list for today: Do a layout tonight for a challenge that is due by 2/29, eat birthday cake (co-worker at work), work out at Apple after work, watch American Idol to see which 4 get eliminated, get a bit of work done here at work!
4 things I would do if I became a billionaire: Give money to my favorite charities, I would travel the world with my family, I would put some of it away from retirement and college plans for the future grandkids, I would maybe become a teacher or do something that doesn't pay as much but is more rewarding
3 bad habits: letting clutter pile up, procrastinating, not dusting/letting house get really dirty
5 jobs I have had: babysitting, cashier at McDonald's, Waitress at Pizza Inn, accounting clerk at a CPA Firm, CPA/Controller (and that's really all the jobs I've ever had)
6 Things most people don’t know about me: I love to workout/run daily and I have run one half marathon, I love ice cream and pizza, I've been married to the same guy over half my life now!, I was very involved in Cub Scouts and Boy scouts at one time, I have a twin sister who moved to Arizona and I miss her, I would love to learn to play the piano
I am tagging a few of my scrapbooking friends. Laurie, Brandi, and Becky.


Holly T. said...

Fun! I learned a few things!

Anonymous said...

You miss me?? ahhhh ... I am really missing you today!!!!!!