Monday, August 4, 2008

WOW! Running has it's benefits AND my baby is 17!

So I pull out a pair of pants this morning that I haven't worn since last summer and they are way big!! Like an inch or two big in the waist. Shock! They are a size 8. People have told me I have lost weight but I really couldn't tell. Running all those miles pays off!

I ran with a running friend last Tuesday night and we did 7 miles together and boy did the time go by so much faster with her there and us chatting and stuff while we were running. Hopefully we can make it a permanent thing, although I am a bit slower than her and in this heat I had to stop and walk many times. Hope that didn't bother her too much and we can go out together again.

On another note, my baby, Timothy, turns 17 today! Yikes, how did that happen! He's a great kid and a great runner and annoys the dickens out of me sometimes. We are TOO much alike - stubborn and hard headed. But he's still my baby and he may never get to grow up.


robison52 said...

Must have been a pleasant surprise to find that your pants from just last summer are way too big!! I had saved my old pants (44 inch waist) as to remember how fat I was before running. Save those old pants!

Give Timothy my birthday congrats!

:::b r a n d i::: said...

Congrats on the weight loss girl! Happy Birthday Timothy!

Holly T said...

Glad you are enjoying running!
happy birthday to your baby! :)

Laurie said...

woo hoo on the pants!! I'm sure I'll wake up some morning to my baby being 17! I keep trying to slow them down, but it doesn't seem to work