Monday, October 27, 2008

All of us went to a Scout overnight activity that went from 6 p.m. Saturday night to 6 a.m. Sunday morning. I have to admit, I had two naps before leaving and then still had to sleep in the truck a bit during one of the activities and I might have dozed off a couple times while we were driving from one event to the next. Then we went home and sleep 4 hours or so and Gary and I took a 10 mile bike ride to help wake up. Felt fin after that. I was pretty fun but way hard to stay up all night!

I did a few layout for various challenges and I'm getting ready to go on our scrapbooking retreat next weekend from Thursday to Sunday. I have been busy trying to get costumes together for the Christmas Carol in December at the theater. They had a garage sale at the theater for the Troope and it was Friday and Saturday. Friday alone they made over $4,000. Anxious to see what Saturday did. I helped with set up but didn't go Saturday during the actual sale. I'm sure it was a mad house!

Our internet is screwed up at home so no email or anything over the weekends till we get it fixed.

I also finished 4 poster boards for the theater to display pictures from 1950-1960 for their 60th anniversary celebration.


SilentRN said...

Busy, busy, busy lady!! Love the layouts!! Are you going to post pictures of the posters you did for the theater? Got the package!!!

:::b r a n d i::: said...

You've been better get rested before this weekend.