Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's only Tuesday?

I'm so busy. It should be further along in the week than Tuesday, shouldn't it?! I'm the co-producer for the Christmas Carol at the Theater and have been at the theater many nights, 3 last week and there last night for first rehearsals. I plan to do the costumes so I've been viewing photos of the characters on line to get ideas for the costumes. This weekend was homecoming and the Wildcats won. Went to game and the band did awesome. Then they had band marching contest on Saturday and got a 1 (superior) again for 18th year. We have a big garage sale coming up for the theater's UK Troupe this weekend and have to haul furniture Thursday. We are also doing a Venture Crew overnighter scout function that goes from 6 p.m. Saturday till 6 a.m. Sunday. They have some cool activities planned. Don't know how much of it I will be able to stay awake for. I plan to go run this afternoon after work before going to the theater. I ran 3 miles last Thursday and that was the last time. I'm way off schedule! We need to decide about the Dallas Whiterock race in December. Registration before 10/31 is discounted. Timothy insisted he will be ready for the full marathon. I'm sure if I do it, I will only do the half. Hope to finish up some scrap pages I've got started sometime for October challenges at various sites. That's my plan anyway.
Oh and we have a kitty living under our shed. He runs off anytime someone goes outside. We thought it was a skunk because something was getting inside the shed, and it smelled, and trying to get to the dog food bag. Finally saw it, while Spotcher was inside, sitting in the sun and Gary was able to snap a photo. I think we will name him/her Skunk. I don't know if we will ever get to know it or tame it enough for it to be a pet but we bought cat food (YES, we did!) and are feeding it. Hopefully it will get rid of the mice/rats. I think Spotcher is terrified of it, not knowing what the heck it is. Only thing is, skunks have actually been coming up eating the food as well cause Gary saw one.
Oh and a rat took up residence in Gary's jeep while he had the top down. He was eating dog bones and gum in there and the stupid thing chewed a whole into the vynal jeep top! So Gary set a trap and killed it and then had a horrible smell because the babies died since there was no mamma. Yep, it had a nest of babies under the tire jack in the jeep. Weirdest thing....


SilentRN said...

OOoooOOOooooOOOOOO! A rat in the jeep! How long had it been since he drove it?
Love the picture of the kitty!

If you run Whiterock, you should plan now and do not over commit yourself!!
Check out Jenna's blog.

:::b r a n d i::: said...

Ah, country life!!