Thursday, March 5, 2009

Photos of the day 3-2 to 3-4

3/2 I got these lovely roses from DeAnna, the director of the play for my help with the show. I ran 6 miles at the park, increased the mileage but it was slooooowwww, about 1 hour 4 minutes.
3/3 Tuesday I went to work out at Apple so I got a photo of myself working out. Something I do on a regular basis.
3/4 My other boy, Stephan, came over for dinner last night and we celebrated his 21st birthday!! wow, how can he be legal already. He's a poor college student and needs all the free meals he can get. ha


SilentRN said...

Beautiful roses! Great workout, and OMG! Stephan is 21??????????? Geez ... that is just a reminder that your baby will be 21 this year too!

Brenda is SO Blessed said...

good for you--- keep up the work outs

:::b r a n d i::: said...

Nice self-portrait!!