Monday, March 29, 2010

Ski Trip

Gary and I went on a trip by ourselves. That alone was different but are kids are in college and out on their own almost. We had a bumpy flight because of the wind and upcoming storm. We got the rental car and headed up I-70 to Georgetown only to have the storm hit and dump 5 inches of snow in less than an hour. We got stuck on I-70 behind some 18 wheelers that had not chained up for 2 hours and 40 minutes until the snow plows could make it through. It was quite an adventure watching all the crazy-ies trying to get by. We just waited it out since our rental car was a rear wheel drive and just wouldn't go up the hill in all that snow once everyone got stopped. Many cars that were front wheel drive or 4 wheel drive went on by but we waiting on the snow plow and when it finally went by we backed into that lane and took off. We consider ourselves lucky because it could have been a LOT worse. On Wed, Thur and Fri we skied at Loveland. Love it there. Nice, wide open, lots of snow. Took me a little while to get my "ski legs" back but after that all was good. My legs were burning! The second day was the most perfect day. 35 and sunny. The other days were a bit cold and cloudy and snowy, but it certainly could have been worse. We kept seeing folks that reminded us of our boys and wished they could have been there to enjoy it with us. Plane trip back was just as bad, actually worse because of the wind in Denver and Dallas. Blew us all over and I got major motion sickness but made it out of the plane and into the bathroom before losing it. We stopped on drive back to Denver to view a buffalo herd and a nature center and took a walk since we had lots of time. Overall a great time.

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SilentRN said...

Sounds like a blessed time to me