Saturday, March 14, 2009

Photo of the day 3-10 to 3-13

3/11 I drove in the pouring rain to pick up Timo from Dallas and then spent the night with Natalia but before I left I took a walk with the dogs and this is what the waterfall looks like after a lot of rain. Very full and muddy right now because of all the road construction up stream.
3/12 Timothy made lasagna from scratch and had Adrian over to eat. I've never made lasagna in my life so he didn't learn it from me. It was very good too!
3/13 Jeremy, Timo, Adrian and I went to Marshall for the PRCA Rodeo. I won tickets from KYKX. The rodeo clown was so funny. This was a part where he dressed up as a rodeo queen. And another just because I liked it too.


robison52 said...

THAT was a rodeo queen crown...for a moment I thought she was Dolly Parton! Someday I should attend a rodeo...Las Vegas has the National Finals Rodeo every December, but it's too expensive for my first rodeo. Maybe the Bull Riders Rodeo at the MGM in November.

TammyB said...

The lasagna looks yummy! Love that kind of thing :) The rodeo clowns are so fun to watch but I can't remember the last time I've been to one.